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2014 Match Day

Matthew Joy pins a marker on the location of his residency
Matthew Joy pins a marker on the location of his residency. Joy will remain in Roanoke for his residency in surgery at Carilion Clinic.

It was a day of great anticipation. The charter class of the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine passed Match Day with flying colors. Each of the 40 fourth-year students learned they had matched with one of their requested residency programs. Matches included some of the county's most prestigious programs. The school's charter class will graduate May 10.

Dean Cynda Johnson told the students, "We have relished the past four years with you, and we proudly send you on the next leg of your training."
An old friend showed up to surprise the students. He is actually Dr. Mark "Elf" Greenawald, former associate dean for student affairs.
Student holding up his match envelope to the light in an attempt to read what's inside.
No peeking until 12 noon.
Elizabeth Glazier and her husband Daniel kiss as they celebrate her match
Elizabeth Glazier and her husband Daniel celebrate her match with the University of Maryland where she will pursue orthopedic surgery.
Rebecca Kirschner (l) and Mina Lotfi breathe a sign of relief after they open their envelopes
Rebecca Kirschner (l) and Mina Lotfi breathe a sign of relief. Kirschner will go to the University of Vermont for her residency in surgery. Lotfi will complete a preliminary year at Virginia Tech Carilion before travelling to Boston University for diagnostic radiology.
Brad Sipe calls his mom with the good news
Within minutes of opening his envelope, Brad Sipe and his mother, Carol Sipe, were sharing his good news over the phone. Sipe will pursue his residency in obstetrics and gynecology at Emory University.
Christopher Vieau will study family medicine at the Carolinas Medical Center.
Map showing flags with the student images, pinned at their residency locations
When it was all said and done, students achieved a 100 percent match rate with desired residency programs across the country.