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2018 White Coat Ceremony

2018 White Coat Ceremony
Class of 2022 member Michaela Pesce poses in her new white coat with "Roanoke Hokie, MD" for photos following the White Coat Ceremony.

The 43 members of the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine's Class of 2022 received their white coats during the annual White Coat Ceremony on Oct. 19.

While most medical schools across the country hold white coat ceremonies, which are intended to ensure students understand the expectations and responsibilities of the profession, many hold their ceremonies on the first day of class or within the first week.

The Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine wanted to ensure the ceremony was not just a photo op, but that the white coat must be earned. So the ceremony is held after the first block of study, which includes a special curriculum called "Into Your White Coat" to prepare them for the ceremony.

For the first time, this year’s white coats were donated. Richard and Sarah Wardrop are Virginia Tech alumni. Richard Wardrop '94) earned an M.D. and Ph.D. from Ohio State and served as a founding faculty member of the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine for three years before joining the University of North Carolina School of Medicine. Sarah Wardrop '93 participated as an interviewer for prospective VTCSOM students in the medical school's Multiple Mini Interview process during their time in Roanoke, Virginia.

The Wardrops said, “We are very humbled to be able to support VTC. As alumni who attended Virginia Tech before there was even a dream of a medical school, we are thrilled to have participated in the foundation of the school during our time in Roanoke from 2007 to 2010. Having participated in the White Coat Ceremony as a faculty member and mentor at UNC and having also sponsored the White Coat Ceremony at Ohio State, we feel strongly about welcoming medical students into this honorable and most human of professions. The White Coat Ceremony truly represents the beginning of the rest of your professional life.”

Andrew Brown helped into his white coat
Andrew Brown is helped into his white coat by founding Dean Cynda Johnson (right) and Vice Dean Dan Harrington (left).
Gold Foundation pin placed on Andrew Chang's coat
Associate Dean for Clinical Science Years 1 and 2 Tarin Schmidt-Dalton puts an Arnold P. Gold Foundation pin on Andrew Chang's new white coat.
David Musick shakes hands with Joowon Choi
Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs David Musick shakes Joowon Choi's hand after she received her white coat.
Nina Harding signs oath book
Nina Harding signs the VTCSOM White Coat Ceremony Oath Book before receiving her white coat.
Michaela Pesce gives Founding Dean Cynda Johnson a hug
Michaela Pesce gives Founding Dean Cynda Johnson a hug after receiving her white coat. This will be the final White Coat Ceremony for Johnson, who will retire at the end of the year.
Tracey Criss shakes hands with Hiba Zafar
Associate Dean for Clinical Science Years 3 and 4 Tracey Criss shakes Hiba Zafar's hand after giving her a letter of encouragement written by a VTCSOM alum.
Crowd claps for class during white coat ceremony
After everyone in the class received their white coats, the packed crowd of family and friends gave them a standing ovation.
William Reis white coat selfie
Class of 2022 President William Reis poses for a selfie in his white coat after the ceremony.
Yazdi Doshi with a friend
Class of 2022 member Yazdi Doshi poses for a photo with a friend following the ceremony.
Taking photos of Ariel Badger and family
Family and friends snapped photos of students in their white coats with their loved ones, like Ariel Badger.