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Task Force Structure

The InclusiveVTCSOM Task Force will be led by three co-chairs, and consist of seven Working Groups that will interface with and report to one larger oversight group, which will provide guidance for Task Force efforts.

The Working Groups will be co-led by one medical student and one faculty/staff member, and will consist of several other members (medical students, faculty, staff, and community representatives). All members of the Working Groups will have equivalent decision-making status. The oversight group will consist of the dean, administrators, faculty and staff, student representatives on the MSC, and two additional students. VTCSOM Deans were assigned to the task force and Working Groups to support the process, but will not be co-leading these Working Groups.

Members of the task force can be a part of only one other Working Group A co-leader of a Working Group may only be a co-leader of one Working Group Members of Working Groups have no restriction of the number of groups that they join.

The Working Group co-leaders will report to the school’s chief diversity office and associate dean for diversity, inclusion and student vitality.