Fourth-year students discover the location and clinical area in which they begin their residency. This celebration is the culmination of four years of study. Envelopes are handed out during the private ceremony, indicating the residency that matched with each student. During the public ceremony, students shared their next adventure with their classmates and guests.  

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[Dean Lee Learman]: Welcome to the Barbie themed VTCSOM Class of 2024 Match Day celebration.

[Aubrey Knight, senior dean for student affairs]: And in the spirit of Ken, we are trained to stand confidently here. Securing a residency spot is not a foregone conclusion. But I'm pleased to inform you that 100% of our graduates have matched into residency positions.

[Carney Jo Flinn]: It was very nerve wracking, but we couples matched, so we're very happy that we both matched at Vanderbilt University for internal medicine and emergency medicine, for myself.

[Vemmy Mesutnan]: I'm going home and be doing anesthesia at University of Southern California.

[Brandon Ganjineh]: I'm doing OB-GYN at UC San Francisco. My day's really great. I just matched to my number one program, so I'm very happy about that.

[Lauren Canary]: Doing family medicine. And we're staying right here at Carillon. So happy, thrilled. And my wife is thrilled. I love Roanoke. We don't want to leave yet, so we're really excited to get to stay. Really excited.

[Martin Barylak]: Sure, I'll be going back to Boston to do physical medicine rehabilitation. Harvard, Spaulding.

[Alexandra Miner]: VA Neurosurgery at George Washington University in D.C.

[Caroline Mebane]: Child Neurology at UNC-Chapel Hill.

[Daniel Purcell]: I'm going to Emory University for Pediatrics.

[Abhishek Bhutada]: Neurological surgery right here at Virginia Tech, Carilion.

[Miles Thomas]: Internal Medicine, University of Chicago. We're really excited to hear that everyone had matched. I think that's the most important thing. That as a class you know, we know we all can take that next step in our career.

[Carney Jo Flinn]: It's so wonderful to see everyone get to celebrate because I've seen my classmates work so hard the last four years.

[Brandon Ganjineh]: I'm so proud of everyone and looking around to see your friends are happy and then they're going know where they're supposed to be. It's such a good feeling.