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Faculty Development

Faculty Development

Our office works closely with the Carilion Clinic Office of Continuing Professional Development. The resources found on both of these sites are intended to support Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine faculty in their various activities related to teaching, research, and patient care.

Resources on this site are focused on the educational aspect of our mission, which is to:

  • Offer ongoing support for faculty members in teaching and assessing health professions learners (medical students, resident physicians, others) as well as other aspects of the educational process;
  • Provide a variety of workshops, online resources and other materials in support of faculty teaching;
  • Encourage networking and collaboration among all members of the academic community at the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine through a new teaching academy program;
  • Facilitate medical education research and scholarship; and
  • Provide educational consultation and mentoring as needed.

One simple definition of faculty development is a planned program designed to prepare institutions and faculty members for their various roles. Faculty development continues to grow in importance as accreditation requirements have evolved, medical schools have expanded, and new faculty members have been hired.

Be sure to check out our resources below and let us know how we can help you.

Consultation Services

The term "best practices in medical education" is increasingly used to describe the process of teaching and learning for future physicians. Our office provides an educational consultation service that focuses on the science of teaching and learning in a variety of ways. We work with individual faculty members to help them develop and maintain their skills in regard to teaching and assessing medical students, resident physicians, and other health professions learners. Our goal is to help our teaching faculty be effective educators. We offer informal, one-to-one consultation as well as group-oriented training sessions on flexible schedules.

Faculty Development On Demand

In today’s busy clinical environment, it can be difficult for faculty to attend in-depth training workshops even with advanced planning. We understand this dilemma and offer a Faculty Development on Demand concept in response. We have implemented this concept successfully with many clinical departments and will come to your group and do presentations on a variety of topics related to teaching skills. Please contact us at if you are interested in learning more about Faculty Development on Demand.

Problem-Based Learning Preceptor Development Program

The Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine emphasizes self-directed learning in small teams of students and faculty, who work in a problem-based learning format using patient cases. Joanne Greenawald, MD, an assistant professor in the Department of Basic Science Education, directs a training program for small group preceptors. If you are interested in precepting medical students in small groups, contact Dr. Greenawald.


The Office of Faculty Development publishes a regular newsletter, Faculty Resources for Educational Excellence (FREE). The newsletter focuses each month on some aspect of faculty development, including tips, resources, and various opportunities designed to support faculty success.

Teaching Excellence Academy for Collaborative Healthcare (TEACH)

Teaching Excellence Academy for Collaborative Healthcare (TEACH) works to promote learning excellence at Carilion Clinic, Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine, and Radford University Carilion by creating a community of educators and fostering their development as teachers, learners, and educational researchers.

TEACH seeks to:

  • foster an interprofessional, interdisciplinary community of health professions educators;
  • provide a nonclinical home for teachers;
  • become a recognized mechanism to support and enhance educational programs and teachers;
  • create an environment that promotes and rewards teaching excellence to enhance the education of students, residents, fellows, faculty members, and community; and
  • be created and developed for faculty, by faculty.