Deck the halls with festive greetings - Falalalalalalalala
Sip some nog and postpone meetings - Falalalalalalalala
Don we now protective gear - Falalalalalalalala
Germs and blood we will not fear - Falalalalalalalala

See the blazing yule before us - Falalalalalalalala
Breaks from class will not bore us - Falalalalalalalala
Follow me in merry measure - Falalalalalalalala
Rows and columns summed with pleasure - Falalalalalalalala

Fast away the old year passes - Falalalalalalalala
Hail the new, ye lads and lasses - Falalalalalalalala
Singing loud, so all can hear - Falalalalalalalala
Thank you for a great half year! - Falalalalalalalala

9 of our deans holding fa la la la la signs
Just enough Fa la la's to go around
Heidi Lane dressed in plaid pajamas and a lightbulb necklace covered in blood on a platform surrounded by a team of six colleagues dressed as elves
The standardized patient team got run over by a reindeer.
12 staff members and Dean Learman singing Deck the Halls
The holiday chorus with Dean Lee Learman
Four members of the IT team observing smoking computer equipment
The IT crew created a blazing yule made out of computer equipment.
John McNamara and Emma Huston pose with a skeleton. Their hats read Shemp (John), Moe (Skeleton), and Larry (Emma)
The anatomy team’s rendition was quite humerus.
Dr. Vari, Dr. Knight, Cathy Kropff, Patricia Wooten, and Jellie Stovall relaxing with a cup of cocoa
Meetings? What meetings?