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Adelaida Stambol to retire June 30

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Left: Adelaida and Nino with grandchildren Zain and Remy; right: Adelaida and Nino with grandchildren Adi and Ella

Adelaida Stambol, academic affairs manager, will retire June 30 and leave behind some big shoes to fill! She joined VTCSOM in June 2010 as a department secretary for all four value domains and was mentored by the late Rick Vari, senior dean for academic affairs.

Over the years, Adelaida was promoted to medical education coordinator and then to academic affairs manager. If you ever wondered how all the PBL cases come together logistically, Adelaida has a big part in it by managing the case studies and handling the logistics. In addition, she manages curriculum mapping in One45 database, coordinates monthly Medical Curriculum Committee meetings, among many other duties. 

What are her plans for retirement? She and her husband Nino plan to spend more time with their four grandchildren, taking them to Emerald Isle twice this summer. Next year, they will travel to Ireland.

Adelaida enjoys riding her bike, swimming, reading, crocheting, and cooking and baking. She also like to work outside in her garden.

“I’m pretty sure I will be very busy,” she said, “which is my plan!”