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A Shout Out to our MRC Contributors!

I am writing to express my heartfelt thanks to VTCSOM's volunteers for saying “yes” when the Virginia Department of Health's (VDH) Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) reached out to you over the past year!  When we encouraged folks to sign up, we did not anticipate the wide range of roles that VDH would identify to help manage the pandemic -  contact tracing, election safety, testing and vaccination, logistical support, and more.   

The mighty corps of 60 VTCSOM who volunteered their time in response to MRC requests included students, staff and faculty, each playing an important role in our community response.   

Thank you for being The Helpers others could look to for support!

Lee A. Learman, MD, PhD
Dean, Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine

  • Adenike Adenikinju
  • Manavi Bhagwat
  • Mallory Blackwood
  • Patrick Bonson
  • Katie Brow
  • Katherine Brown
  • Anna Buhle
  • Dakota Buhrman
  • LB Canary
  • Helena Carvalho
  • Amy Chen
  • Christopher Childers
  • Joowon Choi
  • Jennifer Cleveland
  • Aimee Conlee
  • Alyssa DeWyer
  • Catherine Doss
  • Kerilyn Godbe
  • Daniel Griffin
  • Leah Huang
  • Kelly Ingram
  • Ayesha Kar
  • Elina Kim
  • Aubrey Knight
  • Dinesh Lal
  • Heidi Lane
  • Lee Learman
  • Renee LeClair
  • Grace Lee
  • Stephanie Masters
  • Alison Matthiessen
  • David Musick
  • Tien Nguyen
  • Mira Nicchitta
  • Michael North
  • David O'Neil
  • Ryan Perry
  • Michaela Pesce
  • Courtney Powell
  • Meeta Prakash
  • Meredith Rahman
  • Ellen Shrontz
  • Vrinda Shukla
  • Anna Shvygina
  • Shashank Somasundaram
  • Vaishnavi Sridhar
  • Maria St. Clair
  • Lynn Stanwyck
  • Allison Strauss
  • Natalia Sutherland
  • Cynthia Unwin
  • Mary Van Metre
  • Richard Vari
  • Satya Vedula
  • Peter Weber
  • Laura Welfare
  • Caroline Woods
  • Cameron Worden
  • Leon Yang
  • Sarah Yosief
  • Alexander Zhang

Look for the Helpers

Mayhem reigns in flash and flood, 
In fire, blast, and quake; 
Sometimes the world just seems wrong, 
Like there must be some mistake

Look then at the people, 
For that is when we shine, 
Look then for the Helpers, 
For that is who you'll find. 

Helping up, helping to heal, 
Helping from the place, 
Helping fight the fires, 
Helping finish the race. 

When things go wrong, as things may do, 
Remember. Don't despair. 
People are good and love abounds-
There're Helpers everywhere. 

Michael Miller